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Mal des montagnes & Plantes Andines utiles

Mal des montagnes Le mal aigu des montagnes (MAM) ou mal d’altitude ou maladie de Monge, connu comme « soroche » dans les Andes, est un manque d’adaptation de l’organisme à l’hypoxie (manque d’oxygène) en altitude. Il peut apparaitre à partir de 2.000 m d’altitude et il est proportionnel à la vitesse d’ascension et l’altitude…

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Royal Enfield Twin 650, la nouveauté 2018!

Royal Enfield dévoile à Milan ses 2 nouveaux modèles, l’Interceptor 650 et la Continental GT 650 qui verront le jour en 2018. Ces deux modèles seront équipés d’un tout nouveau moteur bicylindre 650 cc, ce qui marque le début d’une nouvelle ère pour le constructeur Indien jusque là connu pour son mono cylindre. Les Royal…

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10 reasons to travel in Colombia

1 – A touristic country on the rise  : Even though Colombia is witnessing a great deal of development in its tourism industry, with more visitors each year. The country still offers a true and authentic experience, far from the dangerous and violent images the world has seen decades ago. 2 – National heritage’s villages :…

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Colombia: A colorful Adventure

Colombia is rich in history and offers a surprising mix of colonial past, aboriginal culture and modern expansion. Located on the northeast tip of the South American continent, Colombia provides a wide variety of natural environments and eco-systems, from the Pacific coastline on the west to central Andes mountain range to the eastern rainforests. But…

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Appearance in french national TV news

Mono 500’s Team in Ecuador has had the honor to host the two journalists; Romain Reverdy and Nastasia Haftman. The two reporters from the french national tv channel TF1 in South America have followed our riders on their Royal Enfield during one of our trip in Ecuador. Ecuador, the South American country is world known…

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Road Trip in Ecuador: Mono500 by 4H10

A Video to Witness a Country, a Culture… a Road Trip. Over the years, 4H10 has become an inevitable platform for the old and new motorcycle devotees. A two-wheels culture that found a second wind thanks to a smart mix of “back to the roots” and modernization. 4H10 dissects the news and put forward major…

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Mono 500’s Recipe for a Perfect Ride

In a saucepan, add two broad mineral-rich lands and soak in water. Add a pinch of salt and simmer on low heat. With a wooden spoon, start clattering the two lands for several million years. Bring the water to a boil, and allow the volcanic activity to proceed! Once the volcanic rock sauce spreads on…

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Julian Izquierdo, Photographer.

During a Mono500 motorcycle trip organized in Ecuador, Julian has had the opportunity to make a great quality video that brings a fresh look upon Mono 500 custom tours. Julian Izquierdo Official Page Julian grew up on the South West French cost, rocked by the sound of the Atlantic waves, certainly the source of his…

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Mechanical Surgeons

Mono 500 is giving you access to its workshop—or shall we say its operating room. The first regiment of cavalry Royal Enfield sets out every year to conquer the Andean Highlands, and take on the dust, the heat, the altitude, and the various rock formations. It’s a battle, the purpose of which is achieving a bold sense…

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« A Motorcycle Road Trip in Argentina » by David Marvier

Suite à sa participation au road-trip en Royal Enfield organisé en Argentine par Mono500, le photographe David Marvier nous livre un récit photo, haut en couleur, témoignant de la riche culture Argentine et des grands espaces de ce pays. « Quand je me mets les fesses sur une selle, et que j’entends ronfler une machine,…

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Mono500’s Lodge in Ecuador!

Mono500 is opening its mechanical workshop and its new Lodge in Ecuador. The extensive search has finally come to an end; we have found the perfect spot to welcome you in Ecuador! We are proud to announce you the Mono500 Lodge is operating! We have been touring Ecuador over a year now, and were searching…

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Ecuador on a legendary Royal Enfield !

With MONO500, you can discover Ecuador on a legendary Royal Enfield. Located in-between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is a beautiful country that offers everything adventurers and landscape lovers would ask for. In only few riding days, you will be able to explore idyllic beaches of the Pacific Ocean, ride through Amazonian rainforest trails and cruise…

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