10 reasons to travel in Colombia

1 – A touristic country on the rise  :
Even though Colombia is witnessing a great deal of development in its tourism industry, with more visitors each year. The country still offers a true and authentic experience, far from the dangerous and violent images the world has seen decades ago.

2 – National heritage’s villages :
Mountain villages, historical and picturesque town offer authenticity to all visitors wandering around their streets. Far from the modernization of main cities across the country, one will live an authentic experience as one explores its cobbled streets full of history.

3 – Mono 500 Organization :
After Argentina and Ecuador, we are going after Colombia, with the desire of offering astonishing rides with the same quality service and the same state of mind. All the conditions are there to provide you with comfortable accommodations and rich gastronomy.

4 – Security :
For several years, the colombian tourism has been opening up to the world. Appeasement in national conflicts, social and economic developpments are as many reason the country can be visited in total safety and confidence.

5 – Direct flights from europe en North America :
Colombia is well conneted from Europe and North America, you can find direct flights at a very competitive price. Jump on a plane, and come discover the beauty of Colombia.

6 – Trendy Bars and Restaurant in Medellin :
At the heart of the trendy neighborhood of El Poblado, you’ll find a wide selection of very well designed bars, cafés, and restaurants. You’ll find all kind of cuisine from all over the world, in various laid-back atmosphere. Medellin is among cities of the world where partying and dancing to the break of dawn is a religion.

7 – Colombians citizens:
Their joy of life, their optimism, and their hospitability is worldly known. Smiles are being consumed on a daily basis, they are glad to help you out and assist you with anything you need.

8 – Stunning winding roads :
If you plan on traveling Colombia on motorbikes, you’ll find paradise. The country is made for motorcycle adventures. Perfectly asphalted winding roads up and down the mountain, gravel and dirt tracks through bananas and coffee fields will provide you with the best experience possible. 

9 – Cartagena de los Indias :
Its history, its architecture, and its colorful streets will give you goose bumps. Just its name is an inspiration to world travelers. It’s an undeniable stop for every visitor just like it was for all wonders and treasures sent by Spaniards to Europe.

10 – Carabean coast :
The north coast of Colombia isn’t left behind with wonders and natural beauties. The national park of Tayrona and the island of Providencia are among those beautiful natural environments the country has to offer. Very easy to let a week pass by in this atmosphere.

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