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Road Trip in Ecuador: Mono500 by 4H10

A Video to Witness a Country, a Culture... a Road Trip.

Over the years, 4H10 has become an inevitable platform for the old and new motorcycle devotees. A two-wheels culture that found a second wind thanks to a smart mix of “back to the roots” and modernization. 4H10 dissects the news and put forward major actors of the motorcycle world, in constant search of quirkyand original ways.

Subscribers to the same passion for adventures, motorbikes and cultural discoveries, we would’nt have waited any longer to see Mono500 and 4H10 teams share the road in Ecuador.

During a trip: “Land of 4 Worlds” organized by Mono 500, 4H10 has shot a highly colorful clip to depict a great Royal Enfield ride.

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Text: Simon Basuyau

Mono 500’s Recipe for a Perfect Ride

In a saucepan, add two broad mineral-rich lands and soak in water. Add a pinch of salt and simmer on low heat. With a wooden spoon, start clattering the two lands for several million years. Bring the water to a boil, and allow the volcanic activity to proceed!

Once the volcanic rock sauce spreads on a good half of the land, leave it to rest in the open air for another few millions years. This will generates a perfect erosion and sedimentation. The small amount of remaining water is fine; indeed, it will lead to magnificent natural resources.


And that’s it, it’s cooked! The “Quebrada de las Flechas”, an astonishing natural environment located in between the famous wine town of Cafayate, and the authentic Andean village of Cachi. (Don’t forget, before serving it to your guests, to add a pinch of sand.)

By now, you should have a clear idea of who your guests should be. To help you out, they should your best friends—you know, the ones you can scream and yell at, and cry with. They are also the ones you laugh with, you fool around with, and the ones who remind you’re still 25 years old. There has to be quite a few to eat it all and leave nothing, and to make sure that such a motorbike ride logs in the collective memory.

Now comes the time to trust the Mono 500’s team, to let them be in charge of this unique motorcycle journey, a true slalom among impressive and colorful rock formations. This breathtaking landscape may overwhelm your imagination. It is not unusual to wonder if you’re really in Argentina, or if your plane has diverted to a small piece of moon.

The trails and gravel roads of this stage are made for motorcycle adventures. The curved turns, the dusty dust, the sandy sand, and the muddy mud are the condiments of this great feast. The Royal Enfield motorcycle, our legendary choice, acts as our utensil to devour every single kilometer without leaving a single crumb, just a bit of engine oil.

This stage is similar to a family dinner. You’ll leave it stuffed. The authentic village of Cachi will let us witness the traditional Andean culture; allow us to cheer this successful recipe, and rest in a highly comfortable hotel. And while you are recovering from that day’s feast, your Mono500’s motorcycle guide, a true chef, is already concocting the next recipe for the following day.

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Text: Simon Basuyau

Julian Izquierdo, Photographer.

During a Mono500 motorcycle trip organized in Ecuador, Julian has had the opportunity to make a great quality video that brings a fresh look upon Mono 500 custom tours. Julian Izquierdo Official Page

Julian grew up on the South West French cost, rocked by the sound of the Atlantic waves, certainly the source of his love for nature, and his desire to capture the world’s best.

Julian is a fine video technician, and has been exploring the world as a cameraman for several documentaries productions. The cameraman loves to showcase travels, a true source of inspiration. The need for escapes and his quest for adventure are the blueprint of his work.

Julian is also a true passionate of motorbike rides, he discovered the motocycle world on a Bandit 600, and since then, he has never missed a Wheels & Waves show. It’s a great way to permeate himself with a unique atmosphere and admire the finest motorcycles in the world.

His experiences have sharpened his look upon the world; he now delivers surprising shots, witnessing the whole freedom of travels.

Mechanical Surgeons

Mono 500 is giving you access to its workshop—or shall we say its operating room.

The first regiment of cavalry Royal Enfield sets out every year to conquer the Andean Highlands, and take on the dust, the heat, the altitude, and the various rock formations. It’s a battle, the purpose of which is achieving a bold sense of grandeur, and eternal souvenirs.

By covering thousands of kilometers every year, those iron beasts are on the front line, and injuries aren’t uncommon. After each campaign, a stop at the infirmary is mandatory for each one of our ladies. No exceptions are made; each is given an intravenous drip, fed with engine oil. And in the garage, medics don’t leave anything to chance. The slightest scratch is disinfected, sanded, and painted again.

Some get away with a minor chain stretch or sprained bearings. But if any report with recurring groans or unusual cylindrical noise, it’s open-engine surgery for them! 

These difficult and sensitive surgeries require the full attention of our surgeons. In the Mono 500 workshop, oil pumps and valve guide transplants are delicate and time-consuming procedures.

However, recovery is never too long, and our Mono500 surgical team has never recorded a failure.

The cavalry is always ready, waiting for freedom’s knights to conquer new grounds!


Text & photos by Simon Basuyau

« A Motorcycle Road Trip in Argentina » by David Marvier

Suite à sa participation au road-trip en Royal Enfield organisé en Argentine par Mono500, le photographe David Marvier nous livre un récit photo, haut en couleur, témoignant de la riche culture Argentine et des grands espaces de ce pays.

« Quand je me mets les fesses sur une selle, et que j’entends ronfler une machine, quelle qu’elle soit, tous les soucis disparaissent comme par enchantement ».

David est un passionné de moto et de photo depuis son plus jeune âge, il a usé de la gomme sur une MZ 125, puis une 600 Hornet, avant de prendre un peu de vitesse avec une FZ1. Il parcourt la France, puis l’Europe, et goute au sable chaud du Maroc en trial enduro rétro.

Le photographe est un passionné sans limites, il se nourrit de tous les milieux de la moto, de ses expériences avec Harley et 4h10, il participe au Wheels and Waves, au Bike Shed, au Glemseck101 en Allemagne ou au Motorbeach en Espagne pour affiner son point de vue, sa vision, et témoigner de cet incroyable nouvel essor que connait la moto à notre époque.

Ce qui le motive le plus, c’est de partir à la rencontre des acteurs de ces milieux motorisés, que ce soit des pilotes enduro, cross, trial, piste, route ou des préparateurs de café racer, des organisateurs de voyage, des fabricants, ou des patrons de shop, et de retranscrire par l’image cette même passion qui les animent.

David a su être patient, enchainer les petits boulots, apprendre, aiguiser son œil de photographe. A force de courage, de travail et de détermination, il a su imposer son style et travailler avec les plus grands noms du milieu. Que ce soit pour Harley, Triumph, Motoheroes, Sandraiders, Mono500, Kytone, Ride&Sons et bien d’autres, ses clichés apportent une véritable touche artistique, et mettent en lumière le travail de tous ces passionnés.

« A Motorcycle Road Trip in Argentina  »  by David Marvier.