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Mono500’s Lodge in Ecuador!

Lodge Mono 500, Equateur, Location Vehicules et séjour Zen

Mono500 is opening its mechanical workshop and its new Lodge in Ecuador.

IMG_5938The extensive search has finally come to an end; we have found the perfect spot to welcome you in Ecuador! We are proud to announce you the Mono500 Lodge is operating!

We have been touring Ecuador over a year now, and were searching for this ideal spot to host our Royal Enfield fleet and offices. We have left no stones unturned to find this ideal lodge right on Santa Marianita’s beach, only 15mins away from Manta’s airport.

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We are welcoming you now, to this beautiful bamboo lodge, only few yards short of the Ocean Pacific shore. The water temperature rarely goes under 85°F, and you won’t wait long before jumping into it…

On the property, Richard, our guide and mechanic, is finishing the construction of the mechanical workshop, using bamboos to stay in the same spirit and natural style.

In this paradise spot, our logistic team and its travelers are forced to swim in the ocean, practice kite surfing, and watch the whales coming nearby as you eat fresh seafood…


Fishing is an inevitable activity in the region of Manta. Every day, local fishermen are selling out on the beach. Don Henry, our chef in the Lodge’s kitchen will do the rest with perfection.

You are planning a motorcycle trip in Ecuador? You are willing to extend your journey in this beautiful country? You are simply passing by Ecuador and want to delight yourself? Feel at home here in Mono500’s Lodge! We are welcoming you all year long, and if you are driving by and need mechanical support, our team will be pleased to help you  !

Contact us for more details !

Ecuador on a legendary Royal Enfield !

With MONO500, you can discover Ecuador on a legendary Royal Enfield.

mono500-equateur-royal-enfied-8Located in-between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is a beautiful country that offers everything adventurers and landscape lovers would ask for. In only few riding days, you will be able to explore idyllic beaches of the Pacific Ocean, ride through Amazonian rainforest trails and cruise on top of the Andes mountain range.


The Amazonian Rainforest

The Amazon covers almost half of the Ecuadorian territory. Oldest forest of the world, the Amazon shelters the richest ecosystem. Many streams nourishing the Amazon river are running through Ecuador, you will be delighted to ride along them in this wild environment. Our Royal Enfield is specifically prepared to ride Ecuadorian on and off-roads to ensure you the best riding experience.

The Pan-American Highway

The world’s longest road linking Alaska to Ushuaia is crossing Ecuador, and it’s a beauty. Riding the Royal Enfield on this well maintained road is a great experience; and a great path to witness the variety of landscapes.


The Volcanoes Valley Road

You’ll have to take a deep breath before riding the full length of this 200kms winding road. Behind every curves lies a stunning scenery, and the climax is reached on top of the Quilotoa. This extinct volcano shelters an astonishing turquoise lake. Simply Magical!


The Pacific Coast

After days of roaming the Andeans winding roads, and the Amazonian trails, the Pacific Coast will give you a haven of peace. Isolated beaches filled with turtles and albatrosses, crystal clear waters will relax you in the best way possible.


Mono500 is proud to offer an authentic 11-days trip, and more than 2400kms of beautiful selected roads. Discover the trip now, and book your motorcycle for the next trip.

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