Julian Izquierdo, Photographer.

During a Mono500 motorcycle trip organized in Ecuador, Julian has had the opportunity to make a great quality video that brings a fresh look upon Mono 500 custom tours. Julian Izquierdo Official Page

Julian grew up on the South West French cost, rocked by the sound of the Atlantic waves, certainly the source of his love for nature, and his desire to capture the world’s best.

Julian is a fine video technician, and has been exploring the world as a cameraman for several documentaries productions. The cameraman loves to showcase travels, a true source of inspiration. The need for escapes and his quest for adventure are the blueprint of his work.

Julian is also a true passionate of motorbike rides, he discovered the motocycle world on a Bandit 600, and since then, he has never missed a Wheels & Waves show. It’s a great way to permeate himself with a unique atmosphere and admire the finest motorcycles in the world.

His experiences have sharpened his look upon the world; he now delivers surprising shots, witnessing the whole freedom of travels.

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