Mechanical Surgeons

Mono 500 is giving you access to its workshop—or shall we say its operating room.

The first regiment of cavalry Royal Enfield sets out every year to conquer the Andean Highlands, and take on the dust, the heat, the altitude, and the various rock formations. It’s a battle, the purpose of which is achieving a bold sense of grandeur, and eternal souvenirs.

By covering thousands of kilometers every year, those iron beasts are on the front line, and injuries aren’t uncommon. After each campaign, a stop at the infirmary is mandatory for each one of our ladies. No exceptions are made; each is given an intravenous drip, fed with engine oil. And in the garage, medics don’t leave anything to chance. The slightest scratch is disinfected, sanded, and painted again.

Some get away with a minor chain stretch or sprained bearings. But if any report with recurring groans or unusual cylindrical noise, it’s open-engine surgery for them! 

These difficult and sensitive surgeries require the full attention of our surgeons. In the Mono 500 workshop, oil pumps and valve guide transplants are delicate and time-consuming procedures.

However, recovery is never too long, and our Mono500 surgical team has never recorded a failure.

The cavalry is always ready, waiting for freedom’s knights to conquer new grounds!


Text & photos by Simon Basuyau

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