Road Trip in Ecuador: Mono500 by 4H10

A Video to Witness a Country, a Culture... a Road Trip.

Over the years, 4H10 has become an inevitable platform for the old and new motorcycle devotees. A two-wheels culture that found a second wind thanks to a smart mix of “back to the roots” and modernization. 4H10 dissects the news and put forward major actors of the motorcycle world, in constant search of quirkyand original ways.

Subscribers to the same passion for adventures, motorbikes and cultural discoveries, we would’nt have waited any longer to see Mono500 and 4H10 teams share the road in Ecuador.

During a trip: “Land of 4 Worlds” organized by Mono 500, 4H10 has shot a highly colorful clip to depict a great Royal Enfield ride.

Don’t hesitate to check the detailled program and the schedule of our trips in Ecuador.


Text: Simon Basuyau

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